A product launch spearheaded by Centurysoft was held in the Tableau 16 Conference.

by usercspla

Centurysoft is excited and happy to announce its product launch “SILVIA for Tableau” in Tableau 16 Conference at Austin, TX from 7th November to 11th November. Visit booth no 608 to understand how it works and Get to see the demo of exclusive SILVIA for Tableau.

SILVIA for Tableau is a robust innovation of Centurysoft which will empower companies to talk to their business data using Tableau.

SILVIA-for-tablleauCenturysoft is known for its Business Intelligence, when we started working on SILVIA first thing we thought was loading SILVIA with our skill set and it turned out to be SILVIA for Tableau. This will provide Nitro Boost to all Business.
– Mr. Khalid Rizwan, CEO of Centurysoft.

About Centurysoft.

Centurysoft is expertise in developing Artificial Intelligence features and modules. We are highly professionals in delivering value added services in Artificial Intelligence along with Business Intelligence. We cater industries such as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance, Retail and much more.