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AWS – Cloud solutions for all business needs

AWS – Cloud solutions for all business needs and requirements

Features Planning and Deployment of IT Infrastructure Large Scale Data Management for all kinds of Data Formats (Structured, Unstructured & BLOB) Over the Cloud Hadoop Deployment and Management Cloud Services CDN Deployment & Management Application / Background Services Management API Management 24x7x365 Support AWS facilitates a wide range of services that help our clients save […]

Customer Marketing Platform with Performai

Features Creates, connects, and self manages all social campaigns within a single platform Automates copywriting for web based content and ad-driven campaigns Streamlines lead capturing and tracking Advanced email marketing automation with customer driven content Superior automated Search Engine Optimization wizard Centurysoft developed Performai to help our clients automate their marketing campaigns while delivering a […]

AI and Analytics for Retail

We enable organization to connect artificial intelligence with your day to day working environment. The AI solutions offered by Centurysoft empowers you with business growth by minimizing your labor and infrastructure cost. Centurysoft have years of experience in analyzing customers requirement and delivering industry best applications to meet their business needs. We have strong knowledge […]

Marketing Personalization Solutions

Customer is King is the often-said idiom that resonates through Marketing without fail. Pampering customers involves understanding their personal preferences and reacting accordingly. Marketing personalization essentially entails several factors like offering a vast product range and varieties, multiple brands, offers and deals and a technologically advanced shopping experience. Marketing personalisation is an approach that requires […]

Analytics & Business Insights Solutions

While a delightful customer engagement and experience solution are paramount to a business, achieving the business goals you conceive helps position you strongly as an industry leader. Increasing revenue, efficiencies and controlling costs are an inevitable part of your business model that require focused attention. Knowing your market, product trends, sales trends, customer preferences, pricing […]

Omnichannel & Unified Experience Solutions

More businesses are trying to move towards a customer centric business model through unified selling. Customers feel that a unified shopping experience, which understands their personal needs and choices is very important in the buying process. Customers are increasingly using multiple channels and modes for shopping but retailers are often unable to deliver a unified […]

Customer Experience & Engagement Solutions

Artifical Intelligence for Banking Industry Human Agent V/S AI Agent Creating a delightful customer journey through the buying and service process has now become the key to leadership in business. Today’s customers want a lavish experience that includes discounts, offers and high quality products while choosing to buy. Store management too involves offering a great […]

Marketing Personalization Robu Consulting, Malaysia

Our AI and analytics based solutions enable our clients to set up automated marketing campaigns that deliver the right content to the consumer based on customer insights. Our solutions help clients offer suggestions to customers according to current market trends and inform consumers of existing offers. Robu Consulting, Malaysia aspires to enter the eCommerce market […]


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