3 Myths About Artificial Intelligence To Reconsider

by Nick Gordon
3 Myths About Artificial Intelligence
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When we think about artificial intelligence, we often think about something that works automatically. Not very often do we truly realize what artificial intelligence does for us on a daily basis. The best idea would be Google, a search engine that aims to provide more accurate and relevant information through the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can learn some of our behavior to serve us better. In some cases, we barely know what’s going on and take things for granted. So, if you want to know a little more, here are a few facts that you should know about artificial intelligence and its misconceptions.

Artificial Intelligence Brings Out The Best Out Of Us

Just like most things that happen on a computer, artificial intelligence happens automatically, and depending on what we do exactly around it, it can be just as good as it can be bad. To bring back the search engine example, artificial intelligence can run in the background to improve results depending on what people decided to select, but perhaps the result that was brought up purely on the words selected could’ve been a better choice for the top of the list. Can artificial intelligence in computers and the web bring the world to the forefront? It could be so. Therefore, when used on an automatic and regular basis, artificial intelligence should be monitored and refined so that it is best used for everybody’s good and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence Can Replace A Human

There’s also a belief that artificial intelligence can replace humans to a degree. While it’s true that the enhancements in artificial intelligence could make people feel like the whole thing could replace workers and steal some jobs, artificial intelligence could also be used to create more opportunities. Artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily have to replace humans, but can put us in a better relation with technology if used in the right way. The fact that artificial intelligence can accomplish some of our current jobs is going to be a big topic of discussion during the upcoming few years, and people and business should set their vision on what works best for everybody. Artificial intelligence will never be able to completely replace a human, but the ressemblance constantly grows and becomes more convincing. Consumer-level type of robots are good examples of that.

Artifical Intelligence Is Everything In Video Games

Video Games

Artifical intelligence is a very hyped thing in video games, and while there are good reasons for reviews to be this way, too much emphasis on it could be useless. Sometimes games that put tremendous effort on artificial intelligence can come off as trying to impress the player too much. Just like any product, the efforts put around the creation of a game have to be balanced and all areas have to work together in order to create the perfect experience. Through the recent rise of independent games, it has been proven that artificial intelligence isn’t the only thing people look for in video games.

Realism can be fun, but there most often needs to be a lot more other elements to make a title feel complete. If we think about the games that are considered classic in the industry, artificial intelligence didn’t have so much to do with the great reviews as much as story and gameplay. Artificial intelligence most often needs to come in to make the enemies act as you would expect (although still leaving you some surprises) according to what the product is aiming to offer. Still though, some games like to offer technical accomplishments that make advanced gamers talk about what they experience on a daily basis. So, if you considered that artifical intelligence was everything in video games, perhaps you should think again and put it more into perspective.

Hopefully this gives you a new perspective on artificial intelligence and what it might bring to use in the future. There’s no telling what it will be able to do in the future, but its power certainly still lies in our hands. It’s up to us to keep it under control, use it in the right quantity where relevant and make sure it gets us the results that we’re looking for.

Author: Nick Gordon

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