Apps to Be Replaced By Chatbots in Future

by Nick Gordon
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The buzz around apps seems to be dwindling but no worries because it is being replace with Chatbots and the AI they can possess has the ability to stir up a great deal of warranted excitement.

We have all heard, ad nauseam, “There’s an app for that!” and to be honest, there really was an app for that! And for pretty much everything it else it would seem. Apps have become a way of life for almost all of us. Every technological function that we perform is powered by an app that makes it happen.

The Ensure of the Artificially Intelligent Chatbot

But that is changing, and quickly. Very soon the conversation will be more like this. “There is a Chatbot for that!”

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence are becoming more and more mainstream and are currently being used in a wide variety of applications including in e-commerce in which A.I powered Chatbots are being used to connect with people when someone is shopping online and interacting with the customer to the point where they are able to ask questions and reach a conclusion as to how to best help the customer.

The A.I technology allows the Chatbots to actually think and to consider responses, and we are not talking about the Chatbot considering what to choose from a bunch of canned responses that are pre-programmed, we are talking about a Chatbot that can actually decide what is the best way to proceed for that particular customer.

A.I. technology

A prime example of how high the level of sophistication is for the AI and its use in chat robots and virtual assistants can be easily seen in the applications for its use that is provided by CenturySoft. This is a company that is able to customize a Chatbot experience that is not only industry specific but is customized to the exact needs of each and every client with a unique approach. There are no generic applications of AI when it is being produced by CenturySoft.

The Expanding Chatbot Applications

Another application that is currently in the field already is banking Chatbots. These thinking Bots can assist clients when they contact the bank to enquire about account information in ways that the old recorded message to push one push two etc. could never do.

These A.I powered Bots can actually respond to your requests and search for and find information based on the questions you ask it that go far beyond what we are commonly used to. As opposed to the old method which only allowed the customer to search through a list of information that could be basically listed and parcelled into chunks of data that you could access but that required you to scroll through the entire list of info to find a particular data set the Chatbot will actually let you ask a question and then will do the searching for you and give the particular info in an instant. And do so in a conversational voice that is fully able to be interacted with.

Social Media Virtual Assistants

Media Virtual Assistants

The next waves of Chatbots are being designed to be used in social media applications and will provide services for clients that have never before been explored until now.

A.I powered Chatbots are being fielded that can now do things we never considered. Need to search for a local restaurant? Ask your A.I. powered Chatbot to find one for you and it will without having to use an app or to access a telephone. The Chatbot will essentially do the work that a live assistant would have done for an executive in the past.

Chatbots are also being designed and have actually been used already by Google and others to respond to Social Media conversations for their “owners” when the owner may not be in a position to do so in person. These thinking Bots can respond to requests that you have allowed it to respond to.

While we are at the very beginning of this journey of discovery with regard to Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots make no mistake that this is the next huge technological wave that we are cresting.

This technology will be front and center in the months and years to come and we can expect to see them in every walk of life that is currently powered by apps.

We need to embrace this tech and see what the future holds.

Author: Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon is a senior writer at Centurysoft Blog, where he covers topics such as Digital Media, Data Analytics, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He attended Stanford University and now lives in Brooklyn. He enjoys traveling, live music and reading a good book in his spare time.