What Does Everyone Think About the Conversational Assistant?

by Nick Gordon
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There is a difference between conversational assistants for convenience and for business.

When it comes to general thinking about conversational assistants most of those in the general public that are aware of them have gained their knowledge through Alexa, Cortana and Siri. When these were first introduced they were certainly considered as a novelty and grabbed the attention of many. A lot of their users find them really nifty and use them for a collection of different purposes. These artificial intelligence assistants can perform some really unique tasks such as being able to deliver the news on demand with a simple verbal order, or even placing an order for a pizza for delivery. If you’re feeling a little bit down and out then you can use one of these chat robot assistants to tell you a joke.

The Perplexity of the Conversational Assistant

While some find this most enjoyable others can find it to be perplexing. For example Alexa is only supposed to respond when her name is used but if a conversation is misinterpreted by her that she is listening to, she may assume that her name was mistakenly used and respond. So needless to say there are still flaws in these chatbots that are gathering so much interest. Some people don’t like the thought that a robot based on artificial intelligence is listening to everything that they say.

Google Assistant Flaws

Looking at it from another AI offering there is the Google Assistant which also has its flaws, and if a typo is made for example, it can change the whole meaning of the text that the Google Assistant may deliver.

Working out the Flaws

Naturally with this being a new form of technology there are going to be a lot of bugs that have to be worked out. While many of the conversational assistants are being looked at right now for convenience, in the business world they are being utilized on a much more serious level.

AI Business Technology

The technology that is being used in this realm and is becoming most noted for its exceptional performance is the conversational intelligence platform offered by Silvia. Company owners are just beginning to realize the importance of artificial intelligence and how the various systems that it is used within are capable of scaling up a business in many of its different departments. The Silvia technology has the ability to be integrated into real-world applications and cannot only help with the productivity within a company but also can help to scale up its bottom line.

Convenience vs. Business Conversational Assistants

It is important to look at the two different sectors of conversational assistants meaning comparing those that are for convenience to those that are used for business purposes. For those that are looking at the convenience aspect of it they only need to take a look at how it is being perfected in the business world ,to give them confidence in knowing that great strides are being made in the artificial intelligence arena.

Some are saying that while this technology is certainly great for the consumer that there will be a place for Alexa, Siri and Google assistant to make money off of the consumer. Naturally this stands to reason as the providers who are using this AI technology are not going to provide this type of service for free.


In the business sector however, it will be the businesses themselves that make money off of the artificial intelligence utilized in conversational assistants, and for other applications it will help them to keep the company more productive and organized, and in many cases be able to replace the human need to provide critical services for the business itself.

Author: Nick Gordon

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