The Future of HealthCare is Artificial Intelligence

by Nick Gordon
AI health chatbot
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Most have become comfortable with the role that technology has in health care but many are just beginning to recognize the impact that AI can have on this.

With the advent of Artificially Intelligent Chatbots taking the world by storm is it any wonder that the technology will soon play a huge role in the way we seek to take care of ourselves and in the administration of healthcare as a whole?

Old Technology

The use of technology in healthcare is really nothing new. We have been using super computers to help discover new and potent drug formulations for quite some time with a huge amount of success. The fact that a computer can do the research of a thousand scientists in the area of formulations in the mere blink of an eye is a huge boon to the medical research world. This bodes well for finding results that may well have taken many years without the technological advancements that we have seen in the past decade.

Technology is not just being used in such “hidden” ways either, and by hidden we only mean that the world at large is unaware, not that it is in any way secret or untoward, but it will soon be used in ways that we could have never imagined just a few short years ago.

New Health Technology with Artificial Intelligence

With the introduction of Artificially Intelligent Chatbots that can not only interact with customers but actually think and change and adapt to the situation while providing customer care in a wide variety of platforms such as online shopping and even banking it only stands to reason that we will employ the same technology in the way we interact with regard to healthcare.

The use of A.I powered Chatbots is expanding rapidly in the area of e-commerce and the applications in that medium are seemingly endless with the use of Chatbots in place of virtual assistants and online sales assistants. The use of these technological advancements in the arena of healthcare is virtually guaranteed.

AI Health Chat Bot Applications

Think of the applications that an Artificial Intelligence Powered Assistant can be used for in the medical community that would not only save time and effort that a real person would have to spend but would allow for a broadly expanded use of resources that would most likely need to be utilized in a vastly different way without this technology.

health chat bot applications

One example of this is the use of Artificially Intelligent Chatbots to make follow up calls to patients that have made appointments to see the Doctor. Rather than taking a staff member away from other potentially serious responsibilities to make follow up calls to patients who are scheduled for an appointment this technology would allow the clinic to actually have a Chatbot make those calls and determine if the patient is able to come and make the appointment.

To be clear, we are not talking about a recorded call that simply states that you have an appointment tomorrow but a chatbot that can actually fully interact with the patient on the phone and carry on a full conversation and that possesses the ability to learn from the remarks that the patient makes during the duration of the call and can respond accordingly.

The savings that can be realized from the usage of technologies like this can then be passed on to the healthcare consumer or at the very least be used to further the knowledge of the medical community that can potentially provide breakthroughs in areas that we long considered futile.

At the same time for technology like this to be effective and transitioned into the health care industry it must be able to rely on providers like CenturySoft. This is a company that is able to streamline and customize AI programs into applications that can be specifically customized for each segment of the health care field as needed. This is an industry that cannot settle for second best in AI technology and is why they need to rely on a Company that has the ability to use AI at its best levels.

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