7 Myths About Bots Most People Get Completely Wrong

by Nick Gordon
Myths About Bots
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With new paradigm and technology, there are a variety of misconceptions. However, I will try to solve the mystery about bots Centurysoft is a service-provider that will help you differentiates myth from facts about bots.

1. Most Bots use AI

Contrary to the expectation of many, bots do not use AI currently, and some of them will never use AI. Bots use a natural language understanding that matches what people say in their actual intent. For instance, there are various ways to say that you want to book a ticket for a movie. -“I want to go for a movie later in the day, book me a ticket to the movies tonight at 9:00 pm”, “I want to book a ticket for a movie later in the day”-. They all mean the same thing. For a programmer, it’s hard to map these to the intention of booking a ticket later in the day. That is the common use of AI, today in bots. However, this is not what most people think of when they talk about Artificial Intelligence.

Bots are a great solution to their users- for example, finding the right song that you should listen to or/and image recognition.

2. Bots are Easy to Develop Than Apps

Developing a great conversation bot is as challenging as developing an app. The complexities are in a variety of things. The developers at any conversation interface have petite control over the flow and also need to accommodate various paths in the user funnel. Building a dialogue is as challenging as developing a good user interface for an iOS or an android phone.

Interrelate With Bots

3. Texts are the Only Way to Interrelate With Bots

Conversational interfaces are rich and provide users with a productive and smooth experience. Most of these major chat platforms offer controls such as buttons, allowing you to direct users in the conversation.

4. Bots will Eventually Replace Services/Apps

For services, it is just inane! It is like saying color blue will replace cars. Bots are just an interface to guide you in exposing the services. Therefore, they can’t replace the function, because without it, they are meaningless.

For some services, bots are the only interface, which are fine. With this, people may choose bots over’s apps making some apps obsolete. However, for a wide variety of services, bots will be one of the interfaces that users will have to interrelate with the service.

5. All bots are Similar

It’s a brave new world, and people have lots of opinions and questions to be answered. Users, who treat bots as an excellent way to expose services, improve their understanding and interaction with them.

They are different types of bots; art bots, game bots, work bots among others. According to Inteladesk, some bots have some standard features, while others are completely different. While some users lament of so many platforms with little user gears, this is totally untrue for B2B bots. Users have thousands of expensive and profitable cases to be developed out there. So, grab the offer.

Humans Redundant

6. Bots will Render Humans Redundant

It is a misconception that bots will eventually declare human labor unnecessary. It may automate some processes, though most of these bots will generate more opportunities for the users to collaborate in a more productive way. Take for instance, the Sensay bot that creates lots of jobs. Considering Artificial Intelligence, Bots act as chat mediums to facilitate human services that were non-existent. Such include sales, mentorship and support.

7. Bots are the Only Way to Interrelate Services Into Chat Apps

Developing a bot only requires one of the following three ways to integrate with slack:

  • Notifications: posting content into slack from your service
  • Slack command: using slack as a command line for your respective service.
  • Bots: expose your applications via conversation

Users can then bundle these features into the slack apps. There are indeed a lot of smart people who think that chat integration can take many forms.


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Author: Nick Gordon

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