The Why of BI Dashboards for Brand Managers

by Malvin Anthony
BI Dashboards
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The demand for reports that can help with analysis into the Why, Where and When of decisions is as real as the challenge to brand with meaningful insights. Brand management is more complex now with selling encompassing physical and online spaces. Brand managers have to search through multiple databases for information on customer touchpoints, journey and behaviour to make the right decisions at the right time. Businesses are compelled to be agile, adapt to changes very quickly and correct problematic areas in real time to stay ahead of the competition.

Brand managers typically have to deal with the following challenges when it comes to brand perception:

  • A vast array of products and different kind of customers for each
  • Consistent branding across platforms
  • Monitoring brand and driving performance
  • Planning future branding based on current trends
  • Readiness to make changes in brand campaigns on the fly
  • Maintain customer loyalty and trust

With a wide range of challenges, brand managers need insights into product and brand performance, customer behaviour and purchase trends, and changing market trends. To be most effective at achieving brand perception, managers need access to updated and real-time reports that are easily accessible. Brand managers also require reports that can give them information that is relevant to key performance metrics and financial goals.

BI dashboards can make life much easier for brand managers especially when they’re stuck with a huge volume of disconnected data and trying to arrive at decisions that influence brand perception and ROI. With BI dashboards, brand managers can achieve the following and more, making it easier for them to face their challenges:

  • Get information from various customer touchpoints to analyse and measure customer preferences and purchase patterns to increase conversion
  • Determine marketing strategy from insights into brand perception across various mediums such as email, online platforms, mobile apps and social media
  • Extract the information you need from real-time reports to make branding decisions rapidly
  • Leverage data to predict market and customer behaviour
  • Keep a watch on current brand performance with dashboard insights
  • Ensure brand loyalty and trust is maintained through decisions based on reliable insights

Apart from these benefits, BI dashboard insights can empower brand managers to optimize data for a wide range of functions including mapping the customer journey.

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