Two Decades Down the Road, What Artificial Intelligence Could Feel Like

by Nick Gordon
Two Decades Down the Road, What Artificial Intelligence Could Feel Like
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When we look at the possibilities that technology offers now, it’s hard to think about how exactly the world will be 20 years from now. However, the topic of artificial intelligence can already bring some interesting insights on the topic. The things we are just starting to do now with artificial intelligence is likely to give us an idea of what will be possible in the mainstream public many years down the road. The next 20 years are likely to bring us very impressive things in terms of what computers can do for humans with little to no effort. In a way, people can start seeing artificial intelligence as a friend that can help them achieve whatever they want to, be it on a personal or business level.

More Oower in our Hand, the Mobile World

Especially during the past few years, the mobile world has managed to give us a taste of what artificial intelligence will be able to do in the future. Useful artificial intelligence isn’t only about strength and performance, but also about portability. The ways we are likely to interact with artificial intelligence in the future will probably not be only through a computer, but with a lot more devices. The Internet of Things is bringing artificial intelligence to more devices than in the past, and now the concept is starting to matter far beyond our desktop.

A mobile component like Siri is already making an impact on mobile, and while it might not be completely identical to what artificial intelligence will be in the future, it’s already a step forward that we can enjoy. Sure, Siri on Windows 10 is enjoyable on PC, but in the mobile world such apps that allows us to browse more quickly and delivers relevant information by listening to your commands seems to be that much more useful. We should expect artificial intelligence to make an impact in the future and allow us to use it wherever we are. Because what’s artificial intelligence power and good features if you can’t use them where you want?

Games That Feel Like a Virtual Reality

Virtual RealityThe impact of artificial intelligence will obviously be felt in the games of tomorrow. The games of today are already very advanced and deliver battlefields that will make you think as well as surprise you, but the future could be even better. A lot of gamers enjoy online multiplayer games nowadays, but what about offline games that would feel exactly like an online multiplayer one? Indeed, perhaps companies will start to focus on games that can offer a perfect simulation and game without having any real opponent on the other side.

Games can also use artificial intelligence to bring a whole environment to life and make people feel like they’re exploring a virtual reality. A lot of people want games to be worlds that they can believe in, and artificial intelligence will be a big part of that in the future. During the next 20 years, video games could take a whole new form and impress us in the most subtle ways. Will there be some instances where you will be outsmarted by some artificial intelligence and feel like you need to play again to end up the winner? We sure hope so.

And finally, artificial intelligence doesn’t have to happen within a game to be enjoyable or helpful. Anything that requires some type of simulation of the real world in a virtual environment could benefit from the superior artificial intelligence of the future. If someone wants to have a better perspective around a project or plan around with ideas, artificial intelligence could come into play. Artificial intelligence aims to behave like a human at time, and its recommendations are only to improve in the future. It will be important to determine what exactly are our needs around it so that the people that develop the technology and that we often forget about can deliver exactly the features that we need. This should happen just as much in the mobile world as it could happen in the video games world. Let’s hope we will get all we hope for!

Author: Nick Gordon

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