8 Most Important Ways a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Be Used

by Nick Gordon
Social Media Virtual Assistant
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By relying on the different ways for using a social media virtual assistant, you can increase your business productivity and profitability

Anyone that is running an online business needs as much help and to be able to rely on as many resources as possible. This means keeping up with the latest technology that now includes artificial intelligence utilized in the social media virtual assistant.

While the Internet is a wonderful way to do business and can be a very lucrative for one it does take a lot of time to boost the business on an ongoing basis. Many business owners are stretched to the limit with just how much they can do when it comes to handling their online responsibilities. Many are now turning to artificial intelligence to assist them with this. They are doing this by utilizing social media virtual assistants and there are several ways that this resource can be of great benefit when it comes to social media marketing.

Social Media Virtual Assistants can Track the Accounts

If you are going to be involved in any of the social media platforms you also have to be involved in the analytics that go with them. You have to know what is working and what isn’t and this again can take up a lot of time. You can make use of a social media virtual assistant that is based on AI that will have the ability to monitor the social platform of interest on an ongoing basis. This assistant can accumulate data, store it, organize it, and present it in such a way that it can give you a very clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses that you are utilizing in your social media campaigns.

Interaction Using Artificial Intelligence

One of the most important aspects about social media is interaction. As a business owner you have the responsibility of responding and moderating all of the comments and contacts that are made to you through your platforms, and this also has to be done in a timely fashion. A quality social media virtual assistant that is powered through AI can take on this task for you in such a way that your audience will not realize that they are talking with a chat robot.

Partnership Management

Many companies have partnership brands that they network through their social media. A virtual assistant has the ability to seek out and create foundations for additional partnerships.

Image Creation

One of the biggest problems with many of the social media platforms is having to produce good images. This takes using additional software and building up expertise in this area. A social media virtual assistant has the ability to compile and comprise excellent graphics even to the point where they can create infographics that are applicable to the topic at hand.

Social Media Virtual Assistant Content

Social Media Virtual Assistant Content Promotion

One of the most advantageous ways of using social media is to set up promotions and contests which again is another time-consuming endeavor, but one that can be totally handled by your virtual robot. It doesn’t matter how complex or how lengthy or how large the presentation is your, your social media VA will be able to handle the entire social media platform that it is being run on.

Scaling Up Your Social Media Presence

On any of the social media platforms you use one of the most important pieces of information to be found there will be your social media profiles. As you begin to build your different target market audiences you will find that you should be updating these profiles. Your virtual assistant is able to do this based on the information that it is collecting through its artificial intelligence capabilities.

Your Virtual Assistant’s Advertising Role

Running ad campaigns may be another necessity that you want to carry out through your social media platforms. Again, it takes skills and expertise to be able to draft these ads so that they are going to be successful. While you can do so through trial and error, this will cost you money whereas with your virtual assistant this robot can take on all the planning and running of the ads as well as managing them.

Social Media Improvements

When it comes to your analytics your VA will be able to track them and create reports to help you improve where your weaknesses are.

Choosing the Right Social Media Virtual Assistant Provider

While these are all amazing social media tasks that the virtual assistant can take on for you it means making your choice of using the right artificial intelligence to assist you. Programs that are comprised by a Company like CenturySoft that relies on AI that is powered by Silvia is going to bring you the results you need for success. Silvia is AI that revolves around conversational AI that is flawless in the applications that it is used for. CenturySoft customizes their AI virtual assistants for each and every client. This combined with their Business Intelligence AI sets up every company that uses them for success.

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