What BI Dashboards Can Do for Marketers

by Malvin Anthony
BI Dashboards For Marketers
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You know that BI dashboards can help you market better, but how exactly? Let’s say you’re going through a lot of irrelevant and confusing data to make marketing decisions. If you’re unable to quickly and rapidly identify the information you need, dashboards can make your life easier.Pulling up data that you specifically need, for instance, on product performance across different locations, is effortless. The data is also displayed in an easy consumable form that can be shared instantly with your team.

The visualization that dashboards offer saves much of your time as you can view outcomes of campaigns and other branding exercises on your screen and immediately assess where best to invest your resources. They also help you assess what channels you’re currently using are the most profitable along with the traffic that each channel attracts.

Dashboards mainly help you with two kinds of analytics – predictive and prescriptive. Marketers are constantly looking to leverage data for actionable insights and predictive analytics offer suggestions for the best action. A combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics on your dashboard can help you make better branding decisions:

  • Plan automated email campaigns based on customer insights
  • Optimise and personalise messaging based on past customer behaviour
  • Determine the right products to be marketed to the right customers
  • Accurately identify customer preferences with information on touchpoints and customer preferences
  • Improve customer engagement with brand strategy based on reliable insights

Prescriptive analytics on your dashboard provide a higher level of insight that help you quickly determine the most productive channels for engagement, price points to offer at the right time and other factors to personalise your brand in a far more effective way. Going beyond mere marketing trends and generic insights, you can use your dashboard to make decisions that are specific to your customers, marketing strategy and branding. They also enable you to make more reliable decisions that decrease risk for the business.

Irrespective of the type of data or analytics, dashboards organise your data in ways that can help you come up with effective strategies that are aligned to business goals and key performance metrics. Centurysoft has helped companies like iHealth, Solvaderm and Unilever use dashboards effectively to increase revenue and to come up with effective marketing decisions.

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