Centurysoft tied up Channel Mark Ventures to improve AI-Based CRM called Inteladesk.

by usercspla

2016 – New York, United States – Centurysoft, a software professional company today announced investment partnership with Channelmark, a smart consultant and capital investment company to develop Artificial intelligence CRM call Inteladesk.

Channelmark is an strong business entity and well known capitalist who is investing more into modern technologies and upcoming innovations. Whereas Centurysoft has a strong technological expertise who are always keen in adapting advance skill set and capable of working on niche technologies into various industry. Looking at the industry prospect both of them decided to collaborate by forming a partnership and merge into a product called Inteladesk.

Centurysoft’s capabilities of developing enterprise solutions has always open new doors for entrepreneur .We as a team has always been first choice for out of the box thinkers. Inteladesk concept is still like a time travel for companies who are working hard to establish themselves in this industry. Amazing part about Inteladesk is it can be trained on different decision taking and logical models.Its a “Next big thing”. Says Mr. Khalid Rizwan

Inteladesk is an robust AI Solution for Customer Care industry, this solution is designed to user experience with capabilities to grow sales, lead captures , and deliver great customer service. Inteladesk is a ‘Live Artificial Intelligent Virtual Agent” automated engagement website visitor management system that complements any insight-driven / sales acceleration / customer response business for their specific domain, allowing Inteladesk to essentially drive a personalized sales experience for your website.

Centurysoft is an young professional company who are very rich in their thoughts. I appreciate their enthusiasm and passion toward developing Inteladesk and making it success, said Mr. Danny Oshea, Head of Channelmark.

About Centurysoft

Centurysoft is a dynamic technological solution company. We provide world class modern business solutions to the wide range of Industries.

Centurysoft is known for providing clients a superior engagement experience through a combination of business acumen, intellectual curiosity, collaborative work style, and strong partnerships with award-winning vendors into Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligences Technologies. Centurysoft’s deep technical expertise mitigates project risk and reduces total cost of ownership for our customers.

We empower customers with rapid increase into Business performance by understanding their core Business requirements and delivering them high performed tailored solutions.


Founded in 2002, Channel Mark is an integrated digital marketing agency and venture investment company.

We’re redefining the term “capital investor” with the inception of “Brand Capital Investors” a new model venture that brings emerging digital innovations together with our company’s proven creative brand building capabilities. We utilize industry leading vertical integration’s to build exceptional brands from the ground up.