Corporate Social Responsibility

We Believe To Invest in Goodness


Centurysoft as a committed corporate citizen strives to create value for its stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, partners and society at a large. Centurysoft’s CSR program has several focuses:

We Care

We Care

Centurysoft remains committed to solving societal problems through a range of activities. We approach these complex issues by looking at them systemically and engaging our employees and our technology and knowledge. We act as a patron of a local orphanage which has children below 6 years and are abandoned. Besides the financial support, we do our best to improve children’s living conditions in the orphanage.



We Nurture

Centurysoft continues to invest in its workforce by providing the skills training and opportunities to gain global exposure. We also organize knowledge transfer for newcomers within the company and provide all our employees with an opportunity for holistic development.