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Customer Experience & Engagement Solutions

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Creating a delightful customer journey through the buying and service process has now become the key to leadership in business. Today’s customers want a lavish experience that includes discounts, offers and high quality products while choosing to buy. Store management too involves offering a great ambience and a product range that is attractive to customers.

In order to bring about such an excellent customer experience along with a personalized touch, you require the latest technology that is tailored to your processes while improving your business efficiency.

Centurysoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with our Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics solutions empower you to bring the best in customer engagement and experience while ensuring business growth and bringing cost efficiency.

Centurysoft has years of experience in analyzing our customers’ requirements and delivering applications that are the best in the industry to meet your customer’s business requirements. We have strong teams for designing, implementing and integrating AI for your industry needs.

The following services enable us to help you deliver the best customer engagement and experiences for your industry:

  • Natural Language Processing:

    Centurysoft specializes in Natural Language Processing technology through which your machines gain the ability to understand and comprehend what your customers speak and write. The technology can interpret customer behavior and sentiments, and based on this learning, is able to take relevant actions to engage the customer throughout the process.

  • Digital Virtual Agents (Chatbot):

    We create highly advanced AI-powered digital virtual agents, that are capable of understanding and interpreting human behavior and delivering extensive support as well as enriching customer experiences. They are however, not restricted to the chatbot process and provide the following features for enhanced customer engagement and experience:

    • Help with filling digital forms for feedback, inquiries, complaints and many more
    • Help customers experience the above said NLP based browsing experience which enables customers to Interact with your website or kiosk in a natural conversation flow.
  • Predictive Analytics:

    With our predictive analytics, you can get insights into market conditions or product sales, helping you understand customers and delivering products and services that they prefer. Analytics also assist you in preventing churn and optimizing resource usage and efficiency.

  • Machine Learning:

    We empower your business with the unmatched benefits of ML, a technology that enables machines to leverage data for self-learning just like humans do. They can interpret complicated data, detect trends, and identify patterns in it, giving you insights into customer, market and product trends among other advantages.

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