Customer Experience & Engagement Solutions Epiphany, USA

Our AI powered chatbot is specifically designed to engender a delightful customer experience. Epiphany wanted their customer generated queries answered through a conversation flow. They also wanted their customers to be able to auto connect to the support team when their systems were overloaded with queries.

Epiphany’s Challenges

They were looking for technology solutions with the following features:

  • Lead capture through conversation flow
  • Process to qualify customers
  • Support for customers through text and chat
  • Automated email notifications where required
  • Integration into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Escalations to a Customer Relationship Executive (CRE) when required
  • Adding data on new users in Epiphany CRM

Our Solutions

The Centurysoft team analyzed Epiphany’s needs and came up with the SILVIA AI enabled chatbot feature to address these needs:

  • Web based chatbot integrated on the customer’s website helps them answer customer queries through voice, text and chat
  • Auto-connects customers to the support team when the system is overloaded
  • Captures leads and directs them to the CRM system
  • Updates lead information into Epiphany’s existing CRM
  • Automates email messages with content tailored to the customer
  • Machine Learning automates the process of customer qualification
  • Auto escalates to CRE when needed

The Benefits

After deploying our solutions, Epiphany has experienced the following benefits that have enhanced their customer engagement and experience considerably:

  • Seamless customer experience along with 24/7 support
  • Enhanced customer experience with image recognition and product recommendations
  • Ensures a unified experience using accurate information, auto update database and multilingual capabilities
  • Easy ways to capture customer journey and ensure smooth buying experience
  • Highly efficient digital agents deployed for immediate customer engagement
  • Detailed analytics for understanding customers and optimizing resources
  • Automation and natural language experience across mobile apps and digital spaces
  • Least resource cost combined with quick and reliable responses to customer queries

We offer customized customer engagement and experience solutions to help you become a leader in your industry. Reach out to us to learn more.


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