Powering Customer Relationship Management


Inteladesk delivers end-to-end processes to manage a complete customer journey – from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance. Enhanced user experience with capabilities to grow sales, lead captures , and deliver great customer service. Inteladesk is the all-in-one CRM that grows with your business.

Like no other technology deployed to date Inteladesk is transforming its place within business. Integrated into operations this digital co-worker enhances human productivity and capability, while changing the world of imagination . The newly enhanced workplaces, workforces, and organizations utilizing Inteladesk are positioning themselves to enjoy record breaking productivity, but there also creating a level of efficiency of financial freedom that empowers new exploration, and industry disrupting enrichment, while unlocking the value and customer experience that many of the world’s leading brands have longed to be able to deliver.

Inteladesk Features

Customer Engagement
Inteladesk is a virtual live agent that understands what people ask and even what people feel when they call for service.

Natural Conversations
A conversational solution that offers human-like interactions that can comprehend queries without relying on scripted and structured language dialog.

Contextual Understanding
It understands what users are trying to convey based on multiple factors other systems simply don’t have the capacity to.

Language Independent
A core technology is smart enough to infer language rules directly from your application data, so applications can be developed and deployed in any language, or any number of languages for the same application.

Constantly Learning
The system maps real processes in action, beyond how management believes their system is working. It can map new processes based on need and efficiency.

Problem Solving
By proactively applying logic to knowledge Inteladesk is able to converse with users, pinpoint the precise nature of a challenge or need.