Marketing Personalization Robu Consulting, Malaysia

Our AI and analytics based solutions enable our clients to set up automated marketing campaigns that deliver the right content to the consumer based on customer insights. Our solutions help clients offer suggestions to customers according to current market trends and inform consumers of existing offers.

Robu Consulting, Malaysia aspires to enter the eCommerce market armed with technology for a multivendor marketplace.

Robu Consulting Challenges

Robu Consulting requires technology that offers the following features:

  • Point of Sale (POS) system both on and offline
  • Business insights reporting based on vendor, warehouses, business trends and product trends
  • Centralized order management
  • Centralized product catalog and vendor/product supply chain management
  • Order fulfillment and shipment line management
  • Centralized vendor and vendor invoicing
  • Marketing and campaign management
  • Multichannel payment solution
  • eCommerce ERP on Cloud solution

Proposed Solutions

With all the prospect’s needs in mind, we have proposed the following solutions:

  • Ecommerce platform that would power web and mobile apps accompanied by the following features
  • Vendor invoice generation
  • Product catalog management with multivendor supply chain management
  • Recurring billing for a product set up for phone orders for which payment can be received on the platform
  • Online helpdesk system for customers
  • Multistore setup with vendor based personalization
  • Order and order fulfillment management
  • Warehouse and inventory management

Proposed Benefits

Once Robu Consulting deploys our solutions, we are confident that they would gain the following benefits:

  • One single platform for all vendors who can sell their products via one website and mobile app
  • Custom UI and UX elements for improving engagements for website visitors
  • Efficient BI reporting for all departments
  • Improved inventory management
  • Centralized vendor and vendor invoicing
  • Marketing and campaign scheduling and management
  • Localized and global payment channel integration to support payments from local and global financial organizations

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