Omni Channel & Unified Experience Solutions Solvaderm, USA

Using our AI powered solutions, our clients are able to offer a superior customer experience that ensures smooth transitions throughout their journey and captures their needs.
Here’s what we’ve done for Solvaderm.

Solvaderm’s Challenges

Solvaderm wanted a chatbot that could help visitors and brand users do the following:

  • Find the product best suited to their needs
  • Identify the best deals available
  • Get details on a product, product usages and combinations
  • Lead capturing to gather user information that would be used by the Marketing, Product Information and Direct Sales teams to follow up with leads

Our Solutions

Centurysoft assessed Solvaderm’s needs and came up with the following solutions:

  • Deployed the chatbot feature that helps customers with general conversation to initiate engagement
  • Integrated chatbot with a linguistic programming system based on a voice response system enabling tele customers to call the chatbot using telephones
  • Enabled chatbot to supply information to customers on product and product-based questions, including existing deals
  • Lead capturing and integration to the CRM system

The Benefits

Our solutions have benefited Solvaderm in the following ways:

  • Customers can easily get product information and product suggestions
  • Multi-channel communication caters to all customers from website users to tele callers
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Quick and reliable responses to customer queries
  • Solvaderm can easily identify customer queries and common patterns

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