Omnichannel & Unified Experience Solutions

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Omnichannel & Unified Experience Solutions

More businesses are trying to move towards a customer centric business model through unified selling. Customers feel that a unified shopping experience, which understands their personal needs and choices is very important in the buying process. Customers are increasingly using multiple channels and modes for shopping but retailers are often unable to deliver a unified shopping experience across selling channels and modes. This is where Centurysoft’s Omni Channel and Unified Experience solution steps in to help your business.

Using a combination of our AI, Cloud and Analytics solutions, we can help you deliver a seamless shopping experience across the web, social media, mobile and store. Our solutions ensure that customers have a continuous, uninterrupted experience through each channel, and wouldn’t have to back track to the start.

Through our AI technology, we help your customers engage in an omni channel experience, and with a single platform that stores all information for each customer, we help create a unified and personalized marketing experience.

Here are the services we offer so that you can bring a seamless, delightful buying journey for your customers :

  • Digital Virtual Agents (Chatbot):

    Our AI-powered digital virtual agents help with customer engagement, and integration with linguistic programming based on a voice response system enables omni channel capabilities. Customers also gain information on deals and offers from the chatbot.

  • On premise and over the cloud deployment :

    Creating a seamless experience means speed, better data storage solutions, API management, a content delivery network and application and other cloud services that ensure the best customer experience. Our on-premise deployment also works in cohesion with our cloud services ensuring a smooth transition for your customers.

  • Analytics :

    Our Analytics solutions enable you to keep a handle on your customer’s journey, helping you keep track of where they are in the process and to anticipate their preferences and next steps.

  • Hadoop Platform :

    Our single platform deployment makes it easy for you to store and process Big Data across multiple channels, enabling a fast and uninterrupted journey for the customer.

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