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Khalid Rizwan

Co-Founder & CEO

Khalid is Centurysoft’s Co-Founder and CEO. He has over 23 years of experience in Computing Services, Software Development and Enterprise Consulting and is a company Principal responsible for establishing company strategy, oversight for technology selection, and management of services operations. Khalid’s career roles have spanned hands-on programming, design and architecture, project management, operations management, business management, and executive leadership & planning.

Proven ability in enhancing organisation’s growth by designing IT Infrastructures, Business Process Engineering, Designing Business solutions, Managing turnkey projects and Service delivery.

Mohammed Khanbahadur

Co-Founder & Director of Corporate Strategy

Mohammed is Centurysoft’s Co-Founder & Director of Corporate Strategy. He is responsible for overall management of Centurysoft’s partner selection and relationships, Sales and Business Development.

He is Marketing Specialist, having years of experience in Media and Marketing and have a ‘history’ of building brands. Ability to envision future market scenarios with a keen understanding of consumer behaviour. Understanding of new media channel & its relevance in building brand connect.

Strategic thinker who can plan and implement sales, marketing, and business initiatives to support corporate objectives.