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Move from Insight to Decision in 30 Days.

eCommerce and retail dashboards powering growth


Retail and eCommerce business users can now take effective decisions around merchandising, brand, inventory from one place. Our ready to use dashboards are being used by clients such as iHealth, Solvaderm and Unilever.

Revenue Dashboard

Customer Segmentation

Sales Trends

Product Performance

CenturySoft can help retailers and eCommerce businesses analyse vast amounts of data and derive insights on customers, categories, revenue performance, channels, formats, Inventory and many more using our solutions frameworks and accelerators.

If you are merchandise planner, brand manager or in-charge of operations, we need to talk. Our role based dashboards can provide immediate value to unlock insights and help you take decisions.

Merchandise Planners

Know what’s stocked in each corner of every store and get instant access to inventory data and sales across multiple locations

Brand Managers

Create a delightful and superior customer experience by gaining insights on products, customer behavior and predictions and sales trends

Operations Managers

Accelerate efficiency with easy access to data on staff numbers and shifts, performance reviews, store displays, store targets, budgets and more

Centurysoft’s power BI based dashboard with multiple reports helped a large healthcare services provider analyze customer lifetime value, top selling products, customer segmentation and ROI.

Aktif Bank Solvaderm Ihealthfulfillment Unilever Dagangnet

Leverage Analytics to Achieve Business Goals

Having BI for sharp analytics is great but knowing how to use analytics for achieving success is more empowering.

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