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AWS – Cloud solutions for all business needs and requirements

Managed services, DevOps, Data Warehousing Cloud Database (DynamoDB, DocumentDB) Applications Management


  • Planning and Deployment of IT Infrastructure
  • Large Scale Data Management for all kinds of Data Formats (Structured,
    Unstructured & BLOB)
  • Over the Cloud Hadoop Deployment and Management
  • Cloud Services
    • CDN Deployment & Management
    • Application / Background Services Management
    • API Management
  • 24x7x365 Support

AWS facilitates a wide range of services that help our clients save on infrastructure cost; accelerate business growth with improved efficiency and performance; decrease the load of managing their infrastructure and provides a highly secure environment.

Our solutions help you establish and expand your web presence without having to incur huge costs or deploy a web server. They also assist you in managing increasing web traffic while ensuring security. You can make use of our AWS to set up your mobile apps and customize features relating to each app.

Combined with our expertise in Hadoop and Big Data solutions, we offer a proven, consultative approach for your research and development of Big Data Applications. You can achieve your goals on time, within your budget and in a risk free manner.

With our experience, we bring superior Big Data expertise combined with strong partnerships that engender affordable and flexible options.

We also bring the advantage of a predictive analytics platform with an intuitive user interface for answers in real-time.

Get your business on the fast track now with our AWS expertise.


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