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Change the way you engage with customers Predictive insights on consumer preferences Easy automation of marketing campaigns with self driving feature

Performai is an AI-powered automated marketing platform developed and managed by Centurysoft that revolutionizes how marketers engage with consumers to deliver greater value from campaigns. Our proprietary machine learning-marketing automation platform immediately integrates and activates disparate data environments into connected campaigns that are literally self-driving.

A Cross-Channel Marketing Technology That Automates Marketing

Built with artificial intelligence technology at the core, Performai ingests nearly any behavioral or profile data source to provide a deep view of the consumer and automatically delivers the correct message or experience to automatically drive marketing experiences—across any channel. It activates customer data, unlocks predictive insights, and automates paid campaigns creation and management with ease including Google AdWords, Search Analytics from Google Search Console, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, and more! It even has the the ability to quickly auto-generate “Robo-content” at scale using machine learning algorithms.

Leveraging automated link building tools, organic SEO insights and keyword research tools-Performai executes and manages powerful end to end SEO campaigns. The AI auditor automatically crawls any site to gather data about key technical on-page and SEO areas and supports all search engine’s latest requirements.

Performai’s Automated Marketing Platform Key Features:

  • Creates, connects, and self manages all paid search and social campaigns within a single platform.
  • Robo-content creator automates copywriting for web based content and ad-driven campaigns.
  • Advanced automated Search Engine Optimization wizard.
  • Robust connection of multi-channel social campaigns.
  • Score leads and track through the sales funnel.
  • Advanced email marketing automation including creating content and graphics.
  • Creates campaigns, landing pages, and forms with intuitive editing tools.
  • Plug and play graphic based system.

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