Analytics & Business Insights Solutions Unilever, USA

Our experienced team of data scientists, predictive modelers and analytics professionals help our clients with their large data sets. Expert analytics enable our clients to forecast market conditions and product trends to provide the latest products and services to the customer.

We have used our analytics and business insights solutions to help Unilever make their internal processes more efficient and to perform comparative reporting in order to assess current trends.

Unilever’s Challenges

Unilever was facing the following challenges and required solutions to address them:

  • Eliminating knowledge gap of Tableau for employees
  • Finding and assessing the performance of Unilever across the globe
  • An easy way to use Tableau reporting compliant with the organization structure

Our Solutions

Centurysoft assessed the requirements and offered the following solutions for Unilever:

  • SILVIA platform based AI solution was deployed to help users find Tableau reports using NLP and context understanding to annihilate knowledge gap
  • Chatbot with speech to text and text to speech features also making it easy for employees to call Tableau reports
  • Six interactive Tableau reports with 5 drill down Levels were defined to represent different aspects of sales and orders

The Benefits

Using our AI solutions benefited Unilever in the following ways:

  • Unilever’s resources received an AI enabled chatbot under their organization portal for reporting and general queries
  • Employees can call Tableau reports defined and integrated with the chatbot using Natural Language statements like, “Show sales report for Boston”, “How is Boston sales going on”
  • Ability to interpret complicated data, capture trends and identify patterns
  • Technology to understand speech and text and react according to the sentiments conveyed
  • Highly innovative digital chatbot with the ability to understand human behavior and extend support depending on behavior
  • Expert analytics to help forecast market conditions and product trends to provide the latest products and services to the customer

Using our analytics and business insights solutions can help you become more efficient like Unilever. Find out more about our solutions to step up your business.


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