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Analytics & Business Insights Solutions Unilever, USA

Analytics & Business Insights Solutions Unilever, USA

Our experienced team of data scientists, predictive modelers and analytics professionals help our clients with their large data sets. Expert analytics enable our clients to forecast market conditions and product trends to provide the latest products and services to the customer. We have used our analytics and business insights solutions to help Unilever make their […]

Omni Channel & Unified Experience Solutions Solvaderm, USA

Using our AI powered solutions, our clients are able to offer a superior customer experience that ensures smooth transitions throughout their journey and captures their needs. Here’s what we’ve done for Solvaderm. Solvaderm’s Challenges Solvaderm wanted a chatbot that could help visitors and brand users do the following: Find the product best suited to their […]

Customer Experience & Engagement Solutions Epiphany, USA

Our AI powered chatbot is specifically designed to engender a delightful customer experience. Epiphany wanted their customer generated queries answered through a conversation flow. They also wanted their customers to be able to auto connect to the support team when their systems were overloaded with queries. Epiphany’s Challenges They were looking for technology solutions with […]

About Us

Centurysoft helps brands to Build Trust When your customer sees your brand, they must see trust. With trust comes a superior customer experience and engagement that ensures brand loyalty and advocacy. Our solutions come with features that make you reliable and unique in your market. Bring Delight The customer’s journey with you should be a […]


Performai is an AI-powered automated marketing platform developed and managed by Centurysoft that revolutionizes how marketers engage with consumers to deliver greater value from campaigns. Our proprietary machine learning-marketing automation platform immediately integrates and activates disparate data environments into connected campaigns that are literally self-driving. A Cross-Channel Marketing Technology That Automates Marketing Built with artificial […]

SILVIA for Tableau

Features Single platform for all Business Analytics and Insights Bridges gap between power user and professional authors Easy integration with external data sources Easy integration with external business solutions Cross compatibility for power BI and Tableau By connecting Tableau Business Insights software with our AI assistant SILVIA, we give you a power packed team that […]


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