A.I. can cure click fraud’s $100 million problem, and it won’t steal your job

by Nick Gordon
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An Animated Interface Agent isn’t just about recognizing conversational speeches or being better than humans, but can be used to cure click fraud. This is a malpractice whereby advertiser’s sponsored links are falsely clicked in an effort by unscrupulous businesses to gain. Interestingly, artificial intelligence won’t displace people from their places of work as it has been speculated; instead it will create new opportunities.

What to fear

People have always been concerned about what will happen if their jobs are taken over by Interactive Conversational Assistants. They have always feared being left jobless since Intelligent Virtual Assistants are able to perform their duties faster and better. However, there is no need for alarm because even though artificial intelligence will successfully replace humans in a few years, new opportunities will be created. Therefore, there is need for people to learn new skills in order to perfectly interact with Intelligent Virtual Agents when the time comes.

Besides helping with click fraud, artificial intelligence has now become a necessary tool in almost all businesses and companies are enjoying the benefits. For instance, it enables support agents to pay more attention on important stuff instead of wasting time on repetitive processes. In addition, a virtual agent can be used by businesses to improve customer experience by qualifying chats or incoming calls before they are handed over to the most appropriate human agent.

No need for assistance

No need for assistance
However, there is need for businesses to hire qualified artificial intelligence providers like Silvia4u. This is mainly because there are some Automated Agent providers out there who don’t provide high quality services like they claim to. Others are just there to swindle you money by providing poor Automated Chat Agent solutions. Therefore, if you want to make the best out of your Automated Chat Sales Associate, it is wise to do a thorough market research to ensure you hire the best professionals there is and nothing less.

Another Automated Attendant provider that has always received positive reviews because of its dedication to the provision of exemplary artificial intelligence services is Centurysoft. They have been providing businesses with Automated Virtual Agent solutions for many years. This indicates that they are knowledgeable and will as well provide your business with the Cognitive Agent solutions it so much desires. To ensure that businesses get high quality services, this provider now collaborates with other artificial intelligence giants.

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Its Automated Virtual Agent solutions are limitless, simpler, sensible and probably the smartest. Because it employs one of the best artificial intelligence experts, you will be treated to some of the best and robust Computerized Virtual Person solutions. Besides the deep artificial intelligence knowledge, its professionals are dedicated to providing businesses with world-class Interactive Conversational Assistant solutions.

It is the perfect solution for all your business intelligence needs. This is because it uses one of the best business intelligence technologies you will ever come across. Its technology will help your business to excellently analyze data and present it with actionable information. Most importantly, the business intelligence solutions provided by this company encompass numerous methodologies, tools and applications that will enable your business to effectively collect a wide range of data from both external sources and internal sources.

Once all these crucial data is collected, your Interactive Agent will perfectly prepare it for the necessary analysis. Additionally, it will run queries and develop more of them against the collected data. It will also create data visualizations, reports and dashboards to avail the analytical findings to operational workers as well as the corporate decision makers.


If you hire a great Intelligent Virtual Agent service provider like Inteladesk your business with benefit a lot. Some possible benefits include improved and accelerated rate of making decisions, improved business operational efficiency, and optimized internal business and new revenues. Most importantly, your business will gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals. This would lead to more sales and more profits. In addition, business intelligence solutions from this service provider will help your business find out the current trends in the market and capitalize on them. Moreover, your business will be in a position to easily spot some of the areas it isn’t performing quite well and make the necessary changes.

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