5 Best Places to Find an Exceptional Virtual Assistant

by Nick Gordon
Exceptional Virtual Assistant
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Once you know that a virtual assistant can really bring great benefits to your business you need to source out the best places that offer them.

One of the dilemmas that many businesses run into particularly when they are running an online business is when they hit that point where the business is getting too big for them to handle, but not the big enough to handle extra costs by hiring additional help. There are a lot of resources that the online business owner can rely on and one that is becoming critically important is a virtual assistant.

These are being used on many different levels and some are even being considered primitive now even though they are based new technology. We have all been exposed to these through chat boxes for example. The newer technology and one that is far more exciting are the virtual assistants that is programmed and operated through artificial intelligence. It is a whole new level of technology that is opening up doors that were never thought possible.

Virtual Assistants Can Lighten Work Load

The virtual assistant can take on many of the time-consuming tasks that the online business owner is faced with and simply does not have the time to dedicate to them. This often means that the company is restricted in being able to do the marketing at the level they need to make the business a success, but this is where a virtual assistant can come in not only on this level but many others.

With the technology being so new and new companies on the horizon offering the virtual assistant that is based on AI now gives the business owner a task of seeking out where to find these but there are many different places that you can begin your research.

Through The Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

As soon as you start talking about your interest in a virtual assistant and asking for more information through your social media platforms you will soon find that you begin to get followers. This will be not only through your Facebook account but Twitter as well as including some other social media platforms that offer virtual assistant programs.

Through Your Associates

Almost all businesses have a network of associates and contacts and influencers that relate to the industry that their businesses in. By getting the word out that you are interested in finding out more about virtual assistants, you will start to get many suggestions and feedbacks and most likely links for recommendations for that provides this service.

Virtual Assistant Networks

virtual assistant networks

Just like any industry the artificial intelligence industry, specifically focusing around virtual assistants have formed their own networks. You will often find that there are marketing segments for this that can be researched on the Internet.

Advertising Platforms

You will find that now the advertising platforms are also opening up departments that are related to virtual assistants and artificial intelligence in their classified sections. While you have to be extremely cautious when choosing companies through these platforms so that you are avoiding the inferior ones, it is a good starting point to see just what might be out there.

Choosing your VA

With this market just opening up there is a flurry of companies that are beginning to offer the virtual assistant platforms and programs. It is highly important that when you make your choice that you do your research well, as with any industry there are those that are not up to par and you are not going to get what you are paying for.

You may want to begin your search for a quality virtual assistant that is based on artificial intelligence technology through a company like Centurysoft. This is a company that specializes in various types of artificial intelligence such as conversational AI through the impressive Silvia program as well as Business Intelligence. Customization for your business is the important factor here and this is what Centurysoft makes their priority.

You want to deal with a company that is providing VA that is going to be able to customize the program specifically to your business needs. It has to be of such a quality that it is going to be readily accepted in any area where you’re going to use it. Based on these high levels of expectations it is a wise decision to see what Centurysoft has to offer.

Author: Nick Gordon

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