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by Nick Gordon
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Artificial intelligence is now part of our daily lives, or at least that depends on the tasks you accomplish along with technology on a daily basis. For some people, that might simply mean taking on the toughest enemies in their favorite video game, while for some workers taking care of a complex information system at work. Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but just like a lot of technology, when it starts surrounding us, we kind of start to forget about it. What is artificial intelligence exactly? Well, here’s what to know about it.

A Machine First And Firemost

Of course, artificial intelligence can’t be like standard intelligence and there are some automatic electronic mechanisms involved. Naturally, the behavior that humans have attempted to recreate through a machine is directly inspired from how our own brain function. Psychology for instance, has greatly involved in the past decades and we can now understand the brain and human behavior with enough precision, that we can then apply some principles to build a machine that can react like us. Mainly, an intelligent machine is able to research, adapt itself to situation and provide relevant information to the user. For instance, more recently, Microsoft made a wide launch of the Siri voice recognition program over different platform, and the app pretty much consists of a virtual assistant that can help you reach relevant information more quickly. Artificial intelligence is only as good as the information it can provide, and the company or individual offering a program must make sure it’s useful in the end.

This can also be true for video games, which use artificial intelligence to provide a challenge to the user, and also make the adventure more unpredictable over time. A good quality that has to be found in today’s games is a complex artificial intelligence such as enemies that will react differently, and according to their nature. For example, on a battlefield artificial intelligence will be needed to simulate the reactions and cooperation of soldiers to make the player feel like he or she’s truly involved in a real mission. The goal of artificial intelligence can be to inform or entertain, or even function in the background to make a system run without you noticing it, but in the end it’s directly inspired by the intelligence we display as humans.

Google A Great Example

Google A Great Example

To know what artificial intelligence is nowadays, one would simply have to look at Google. The search giant isn’t only able to produce search results based on what you type in the field, but also what is current at the moment, different filters, what users found relevant, etc. Especially, Google uses it AI in everything maps to their upcoming car projects, which means more precision on the go. If you want to reach a certain spot, but that you’re unsure of the exact location or name, Google can go ahead and look for what has become relevant over time through its intelligent learning. We can’t always tell the results at first glance, but the mecanism is definitely working in the background. For businesses, the power of AI can get even more exciting – leads and potential customers can reach the products they want more easily and with less effort. Advertising methods such as pay-per-click advertising are then becoming more attractive. AI is going to affect not only the basic areas of our lives, but just about everything around it. If a machine can produce better results without you noticing it, can it really be a bad thing?

Who knows what we want artificial intelligence to be in the future. Of course, artificial intelligence is a topic under constant evolution, and can really be defined according to the latest technological enhancements of the moment. As time goes on, we tend to forget about past artificial intelligence features as they fall into the background and new products start putting forward and advertising newer features. A smartphone used to be considered impressive, but now we have much higher requirements for what goes on on the screen or the apps we purchase.

Author: Nick Gordon

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