Could AI Involvement with Video & Game Imagery Affect Business World?

by Nick Gordon
AI Involvement with Video & Game
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Realistic video and gaming imagery is facing a change with AI which can also benefit the business world.

One of the fastest growing industries is the gaming industry. It is also one that has a lot of heavy demands placed upon it. As a result the production of their products is costly which in turn spills down to the end user. Now with the implementation of artificial intelligence into this industry it could be a real game changer in more ways than one.

One of the criteria that those in the gaming industry are consistently challenged with is the production of high resolution graphics that are going to appeal to the consumers. This is often where a lot of the time and money is expended. With AI now becoming a resource that can be the viable solution to this it is going to revolutionize the way that game imagery is processed, and along with this comes some very potent advantages.

Technology in the AI realm is beginning to utilize machine learning that has the ability to take pixelated images and turn them into high resolution graphics that can not only be utilized by the gaming industry, but can be transferred over into many different types of business entities.

One of the most powerful advertising and marketing resources that enterprises can capitalize on is the use of videos. Up until now, the small to medium sized businesses have been at a disadvantage with this type of marketing resource. In order for advertising and marketing videos to be successful they have to be professionally done and compiled with the best resolutions. This is timely and costly. With Artificial intelligence now being able to take sub standard photos and turn them into high resolution renderings it is going to open up the doors for video marketing opportunities for many businesses, which before this it was simply out of their financial reach.

Video Marketing Opportunities

Savvy businesses that are intent on utilizing all of the technology to get ahead in today’s world are keenly looking at what AI has to offer them. They are approaching this with an open mind and their confidence is growing when they have seen the results that the various forms of artificial intelligence can offer them, such as that which is found in chat robots. These companies are turning to providers like Centurysoft who has their finger on the pulse of how businesses can excel with the implementation of AI. This is a company that implementing a platform like SILVIA which is growing as the leader in AI worldwide. This system already has such amazing capabilities in place that until one really understands the system it is beyond their comprehension to realize what benefits Centurysoft can bring to a Company that has the goal to grow and succeed.

SILVIA has pioneered the way interaction is being carried out in the gaming world and has opened up conversational interaction beyond the expectations of any gamer with the most vivid imagination. Now as AI is beginning to evolve into the creation of visuals that are comprised of high resolution without the challenges it now faces, it means that the gaming environment is going to be taken to the next level in the provision of realistic consumer experiences.

When you carry over these benefits into the business world and how they will be applicable to the video advertising and marketing it means a whole new concept for customer engagement, retention and the closing of sales. Centurysoft is a company that is committed to moving forward which means their clients know that whatever is available now to enhance their business through AI is being offered by this company. They are aware that whatever artificial intelligence is on the horizon for bettering a business it is something then Centurysoft will be on top of.

Brick and mortar companies are learning that in order to be competitive they must have an online presence. Online businesses are recognizing that AI in the business world is going to be the norm. Enterprises of all sizes are now able to utilize AI at a level that is comfortable for their business needs and Centurysoft has the capabilities of providing the right AI at the right time, in the right way, and at the right price.

Author: Nick Gordon

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