Say Hello to the Arrival of Artificial Intelligence!

by Nick Gordon
Arrival Of Artificial Intelligence
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Many think that artificial intelligence is still something only found is Si-Fi movies but the reality is that it has arrived and is here to stay.

For those that are into the sci-fi movies artificial intelligence is not a new concept to them, however many don’t view it as becoming a reality as yet. Fantasy sci-fi movies have earned a lot of money focusing on AI such as Bicentennial Man going back in time or even in movies like Surrogates where the movie revolved around robots taking on the daily chores in a futuristic world.

Fantasy Artificial Intelligence now a Reality

What was once fantasy has now become a reality in many different fashions when it comes to artificial intelligence? Although there is many that still do not accept this new form of technology as being factual. While one may not want to stretch their imagination into thinking that we are going to have a world filled of superhuman robots, the fact that AI is here and being used in many different applications with astounding results has to be realized. What also has to be kept in mind is that research into artificial intelligence is not something that is new but has a history going back 60+ years.

Using AI and Not Realizing It

You are most probably are already implementing AI into your lifestyle, and looking at it as just as an advancement in technology without realizing that it is based on AI. There is a good chance that you have dealt with a chat robot that is based on AI and you may have thought that this was a human interaction that you were having.

Some of those that are experts in the field are resurrecting some of the previous studies that have been done on AI and are looking at the applications of today. They are of the mind that AI used in applications that are specialized will become far more common and more applicable by the year 2030. It is believed that these uses will be much better for the economy and improve the quality of life.

While this may be exciting news there are also grave concerns that are being raised at the same time that this amazing technology will affect the job market and the incomes of the average worker. This is creating a lot of the pros and cons for the AI industry, and it is also creating a need to be far more versed in its capabilities and how it can be integrated into the world’s use without being detrimental.

The AI Time is now

The AI Time is now

This is not something that one has to wait for the future to bring as there are very innovative companies like Centurysoft that are now using artificial intelligence to create intelligent business applications. Centurysoft is a company that relies on the Silvia artificial intelligence which focuses on conversational applications. Centurysoft is implementing AI in their software development applications that can be specifically personalized for any business that wants to utilize it. These applications can be utilized through intelligent tools and technology that will help to increase the productivity and profitability of businesses that are implementing it to its fullest capacity.

Business Necessity for Artificial Intelligence Application

It is highly important that every business no matter what it size utilizes the resources that are available to them and stay up with the changes that are taking place in technology. One of the current trends in the past few years has been to use third party services for the customer service sector of businesses. This is now aptly being replaced by the use of chatbots that are based on artificial intelligence because of the far ranging capabilities that this type of technology is able to offer. It goes far beyond the contact with the clients and customer service, and opens up many other doors for businesses to be able to utilize what it is able to offer.

Author: Nick Gordon

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