Artificial Intelligence for Banking & Finance Industry

by Nick Gordon
Artificial Intelligence for Banking
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Big global banks are now turning their businesses to artificial intelligence technology to stay competitive in this digital era. This technology has major benefits, both for the banks and as well as their customers.

Big Global Banks

Here are the core AI banking features, which can be delivered by Centurysoft.

1. Voice Assisted Banking

Voice-assisted banking enables customers to use banking services with voice commands apart from a touch screen or press button. The Natural Language Processing technology can process queries to answer the questions, finding information, and connecting the users with various banking services.

Centurysoft can also design an AI technology solution that will allow users to make money transfers by talking to a robot computer system.

2. Banking Fraud Prevention

For Banks security is the major concern, Centurysoft can customize AI into a software which can monitors the spending behavior and pattern of a user and flag any transaction which is out of their character. If the transaction is over a certain amount the card can be blocked and user will be notified about this.

This whole process can be automated using Artificial intelligence.

3. Automated Financial Advisors and Planners

Centurysoft will enable you with AI technology which can automate your financial advisors and planners that assist customers in making investment and financial decisions. These include monitoring events and stock and bond price trends against the user’s financial goals and personal market portfolio and making recommendations regarding stocks and bonds to buy or sell.

Our team of AI professionals at Centurysoft is specialized in addressing specific needs of business into banking and financial industry. We are experienced in all aspects of artificial intelligence solution delivery including requirements analysis, designing, building, testing and deployment. We can manage the whole process or work as part of your team, to deliver immediate or long term artificial intelligence solutions.

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