The Unified Theory of Everything: A Solution for Huge Data

by Nick Gordon
Solution for Huge Data
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Human knowledge offers answers to many questions of the human nature and the environment. In addition, artificial data stored, analyzed and interpreted using the advanced technological systems in the different fields is the second to understanding the nature of things. Figuring out the operations of a certain component in relation to the whole requires the integration of human knowledge and data. Combining data analytics, artificial intelligence and human knowledge is a relatively new idea. Applying it to the real world through problem solving has been a success so far. Big data analyzed over time, refers to all sectors, phases and meaningful periods in the human life, in the work environments and in ensuring proactivity.

Sourcing of data according to Centurysoft can be done by just accessing the right systems. For medical application, data pertaining to patients, trial tests, medical literature, disease research and the outcomes as per the moment etc, can be accessed on medical websites and specific organizations sites. Integrating this information with the advanced human intellectual capabilities, I believe we could gain immense and above all enlightening insight. By conducting data analytics and overlaying it with artificial intelligence, major complex human challenges like terminal diseases can be eradicated.

What to Expect

What to Expect

It is hard to know exactly what to expect in any situation. This however, is about to change due to the newly issued incentives and new regulations in regards to different systems in the industry. This will enable direct access to digital records, which translates to data access. The data is of structured and unstructured forms. Running the data through and conducting analysis may take quite a while. Take an example of medical data: EMR data may be perfect but it may be biased and noisy due to their billing purposes. The perspectives in relation to the data acquired differ from patients, physicians, and the client being billed to the coding specialists and researchers in general. Centurysoft depicts the essentiality of developing new algorithms that will factor in the quantification and measure the quality of data depending on the sources. Filtering the noise and bias from the data is another essential area to be factored in.


Validating the information acquired after analytics and explaining the causes behind is difficult. Taking the factored and analyzed medical data to medical researchers, physicians for validation and the patient illuminates what can be done.

  • For the physicians, it can assist in the provision of quality and personalized medical care, to select effectively the right medical and treatment plans.
  • Medical researchers can use the information to develop new hypotheses leading to new inventions and innovations and the expedition of discoveries through advanced knowledge levels.
  • Families, patients and other individuals can learn to manage and to use efficiently available information in the management of their diseases.


Data requires having a base or foundation- what it is trying to inform about and the main reasons behind it. Browsing through inteladesk, you will understand the need for artificial intelligence; why it was started in the first place, its use in different environments and the successes it has achieved over time. To use big data adequately and efficiently after the invention of an artificial intelligent system to integrate and assimilate the data to information; in the case of a medical situation, consider the researchers and patient views/perceptions.

With the technological advancement being experienced today and that has been predicted in the near future, the intelligent era of machine intelligence is starting. Today in regards to Centurysoft, intelligent machines are there and developments to acquire domain experts in the different fields are underway. To ensure trust between domain and human experts, integration of human knowledge and data to ensure the delivery of actionable and explainable intelligence is the best play.


Use of historical information in the different fields, possible outcomes in the future and human knowledge regarding the possibilities will serve to solve complex problems and challenges. The application of this new idea cuts across everything and a new generation of knowledge keepers and data science and management is about to be born.

Author: Nick Gordon

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