Are You Ready for Artificial Intelligence Leadership?

by Nick Gordon
Artificial Intelligence Leadership
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Having a robot for a boss could afford you many benefits and could even help with your career advancement.

Most that work for any Company have someone within this entity that they must answer to. It could be a team leader, supervisor or manager. Then for the executive management level it is usually the company owner itself. This means that most have to rely on human nature to lead them to success in the Company that they work for.This can come with a lot of challenges, but what if that leadership were in the form of robots?

For some this is a scary thought but for those whose future in the company depends a great deal on their boss this might be an inviting concept. To fully understand the benefits of a virtual specialist that is taking on a management role, it is important to take a look at the human flaws that can be present with the human who holds a leadership role.

They are Human so They are Subject to Human Error

Subject to Human Error

Your boss may be giving you guidance and setting expectations for you, and your performance will be based on this. If your leader is not experienced or doesn’t have an understanding of the company’s goals and objectives then this is going to dramatically affect your role in the company.

If you are working under the direction of an automated agent who has been developed for the purposes of management then you are not going to have to deal with a leader deficiency such as this.

They can be Biased and Opinionated

With your human boss you always have to ensure that you are in the boss’s good books. If your leader has a tendency to play favourites or doesn’t seem to like you, then no matter how well you perform in your duties you are always going to fear retribution from your manager. When you are being given direction with artificial intelligence you are not dealing with emotions or opinions.

The Right Instructions

Leaders as we know them today are expected to give guidance and instructions to their employees. These can sometimes be confusing or the incorrect information is given which leads those receiving the instructions to failure rather than success. When you are working under the direction of artificial intelligence you could be working under an interactive conversational assistant who is most capable of providing all of the leadership you need to rely on to be a successful and valued employee.

What Makes A Robot a Successful Leader?

Robot A Successful Leader

The technology that needs to be utilized for a robot to take on such an important role as management has to be designed with the right technology and expertise. This is what Centurysoft specializes in. This is a company that is devoted to providing artificial intelligence for the business world through the use of robots in many different forms including chat bots.

The company identifies the needs of the business not only in their management division but across all levels of the company. Following this Centurysoft then constructs the A.I. so their robots are able to absorb data that can be transposed into a thinking process and mimics human reactions without the risk of human error and weaknesses. The technology they integrate for this type of performance is based both on cognitive and semantic technology.

A truly good leader should be there to assist their staff and when artificial intelligence is integrated into the management role of a business it is an intelligent virtual assistant. While this works well for the business management sector it also can be implemented as a conversational system. Employers not only get to listen to instructions but A.I. allows for the asking of questions and further directions and is so advanced it allows for an ongoing conversation.

Staffs no longer have to be concerned about asking questions or clarifying matters because they are concerned as to how they will be perceived by management. There is the opportunity for instant access to this highly intelligent robot instead of having to wait until the boss is free. This is a valuable way of saving time and capitalizing on efficiency by both the leadership and the employees.

Once both company owners and the related staff discover the value that artificial intelligence can offer in the workplace, having a robot for a boss is definitely well received and easy to adjust to.

Author: Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon is a senior writer at Centurysoft Blog, where he covers topics such as Digital Media, Data Analytics, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He attended Stanford University and now lives in Brooklyn. He enjoys traveling, live music and reading a good book in his spare time.