Artificial Intelligence all Set to Hijack Smartphones

by Nick Gordon
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Artificial intelligence (AI) GUI’s will hijack, replacing smartphones in next 5 years, according to a study of more than 5000 smartphone clienteles in 9 countries by Ericsson Consumer Lab in the 5th edition of its yearly trend report.

Smartphone customers believe Artificial Intelligence will take over several common activities, for example searching the internet, getting travel help, and as P.As (Personal Assistants). The survey established that 44% think an AI system would be as worthy as a teacher and 1/3 of them would like an AI screen to keep them company. A third would rather believe the fidelity of an AI interface than a human for delicate matters, and 29% agree they would feel more contented discussing their medicinal condition with an AI system.

However, a lot of the users surveyed find smartphones inadequate.


Continuously having a screen in the palm of your hand is not always a useful solution, for example in driving or cooking.

Limited Battery

One in 3 smartphone customers wants a 7?8 inch display, building a battery drain vs. size and weight concern.

Not Wearable

85% of the smartphone customers think intelligent wearable electronic aides will be common within 5 years, decreasing the necessity to always touch a screen. And one in two customers believes they will be able to talk straight to household machines.

VR and Better 3D

VR and Better 3D
The smartphone customers want movies that play effectively around the viewer, virtual technical support, and VR headsets for the game and more than 50% of users think holographic screens will be ordinary within five years – proficiencies not available in a small handheld device. Fifty percent of the smartphone customers want a 3D avatar to try on clothes virtually, and 64% would like the ability to see an item’s genuine size and form when purchasing online. Half of the customers want to avoid shopping altogether, with a 3D printer for printing household stuff such as spoons and spare parts for appliances; 44% even want to print their own food or nourishing supplements.

As stated by Ericsson, half of all smartphone consumers expect smartphones to become things of the history within the next 5 years noting that as the approval of networked technologies moves quicker than ever, mass-market use becomes the standard quicker saying that as a result, the time when early adopters affect others is now shorter than before.

According to the report, Head of Research, Ericsson Consumer Lab, Michael Björn, told that some of these styles may seem revolutionary stressing that consumer interest is in new interaction patterns such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and virtual reality (VR), as well as in implanting the internet in the walls of our homes or even in our bodies, is fairly strong.

This shows we could soon see fresh consumer product categories performing and whole industries transmuting to accommodate this progress.

Potentially Hazardous Concept

Artificial Intelligence is a fairly new concept and it would take much more than 5 years to overcome smartphones, which are the most used microelectronic devices in the world. Moreover, there are a lot of disapprovals that revolve around AI and has been a highly discussed topic amongst scientists.

Eminent English scientist Stephen William Hawkings formerly warned how AI can be potentially hazardous to the human race. Even though Bill Gates and Elon Musk have debated the threats of Artificial Intelligence.

Nowadays, robots are being settled just like the ones demonstrated in movies, and scientists are also giving them the capability to think and say ‘NO’. However, there is only a thin streak between great innovations and failed trials.

In such situation, scientists should be careful and develop AI technology to a degree where humans have the ability to regulate it.


No matter how catastrophic AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is, in next 5-10 years it will surely overcome the smartphone screens. But it is necessary for the survival of the human race that we should build only those things on which we have complete control. The mobile phone companies should also ponder over this fact and should put an effort to compete with the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Even though they cannot compete them 100% but as much as they can.

Author: Nick Gordon

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