Can Employees Feel Liberated with Chatbots?

by Nick Gordon
Liberated with Chatbots
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Workers who understand the benefits of chat bots usually will feel liberated by this technology rather than fear or dislike it.

The question of whether chatbots are liberating workers should seem almost a non-starter. After all, isn’t that really the idea? Taking mundane and repetitive tasks away from the workers who are able to create and innovate and giving them to virtual employees in the form of virtual assistants or virtual agents is the catalyst behind the whole movement towards Artificial Intelligence Chatbots to begin with.

The growing list of areas where this emerging technology is taking hold is limited only by the imagination of cutting edge companies like CenturySoft who design and manufacture the Artificial Intelligence needed to make fully integrated and self -learning chatbots like an interactive Virtual Agent that can not only understand what you are requesting but can actually learn as it goes and grows.

It only stands to reason that this technology would have exceptionally useful applications in a very wide and diverse range of business models.

Imagine that you own a company that has an online sales component incorporated into its business plan. You have retail staff at the physical location to handle any customers who come into the establishment and a cadre of online sale associates who handle the online functions.

If you had the ability to automate that online component by accessing a program that allows you to use an Automated Chat Sales Associate to interact with the portion of customers who choose to do their shopping online you would then be able to free up the employees who would normally have to perform those functions for other tasks.

Chat Sales

The vast majority of companies today have a very solid online presence already. By allowing them to perform some of the online functions using artificial people it literally changes the game in a very positive way.

The technological advancements that have been made in a relatively short time in the field of Artificial Intelligence have allowed businesses to expand the applications dramatically. No longer content with just using chat robots with a computerized avatar to pop up in a chat window and direct customers to certain features on the website the technology now allows companies to fully integrate an Interactive Conversational Assistant with an Animated Avatar that recognizes and learns from Natural Language Systems how to adapt and anticipate in conversations with real people, making the experience seem as real as if you were speaking with a live agent instead of a Virtual Customer Support Agent.

While there will always be people who are afraid of change and technology, and who will say that by using applications such as these we will be putting people out of work and removing the human element from our day to day interactions they will end up in the minority before long. By using these types of applications you actually encourage individuals to think bigger and to be more creative and refuse to submit to the mundane and repetitive.

The sense that we are heading into uncharted territories is exciting and one can only begin to wonder what new applications will be realized by industry as more and more get onboard and find new and exciting ways of using this technology to its fullest potential.

Online Hotel Bookings

From online hotel bookings using virtual host or virtual hostess features to call centers utilizing Virtual Call Center agents to make and receive calls that require little in the way of actual human interaction the possibilities are “virtually’ endless.

The technology is here and we need to embrace it and figure out ways of using it to the best of our abilities. The same we harnessed the power of robots to build and automate our more repetitive and it must be said, boring, manufacturing jobs. Yes, there were some human functions that were replaced by the automation of factories but it was not the end of the world as some predicted. Instead, we learned to adapt and find innovative new ways to use the human labour allowing many to be much more creative and engaged than they were before the technology existed.

We will do the same this time. Technology can never be suppressed once it is created. We have learned that in the past and now the time has come to once again embrace change and move forward.

Author: Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon is a senior writer at Centurysoft Blog, where he covers topics such as Digital Media, Data Analytics, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He attended Stanford University and now lives in Brooklyn. He enjoys traveling, live music and reading a good book in his spare time.