How Different Chatbots Responded to Random, Unrelated Questions?

by Nick Gordon
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For this generation, chatbots isn’t something new. You might have used SmarterChild, which was the only chatbot back in 2000. This bot was special and people loved it for different reasons. Even after its disappearance, people still remember it. Then came other bots such as Siri, which just like SmarterChild is loved by many people especially iOS users. In addition, there are other chatbots that have shown some exemplary performance when handling tasks given to them. Here are four chatbots that handled tasks exceptionally well.

1. Poncho

This is a Messenger chatbot that is specially designed to provide users with accurate weather information. It is well-known for its ability to send weather alerts to users twice per day. In addition, it is a bot that has proven to be very intelligent because of its ability to provide accurate answers when asked questions. You will definitely love the avatar used in this chatbot. Such an amazing chatbot can only be developed by an expert intelligence service provider such as Silvia. It is an experienced company that uses patented technology to provide businesses with some of the best portable, advanced and flexible systems.

The company will provide your business with a chatbot that is able to engage your customers and this will give them immersive conversational experiences. Unlike most other artificial intelligence solutions provided by other companies, solutions by this platform allow for deploying in compact environments. Additionally, they can be effectively deployed in secure environments including on embedded systems.

2. Right click

This startup came up with an artificial intelligence chatbot that is capable of creating websites. It does so by asking general questions when performing its tasks. It might ask you about the industry of your operation or why you want to create a website. Once you have provided your answers, it will create a website for you with customized templates related to the answers you have provided. Artificial intelligence solutions from renowned providers such as Inteladesk will put your business in positions you’ve always imagined. Its expert team is dedicated to provide businesses with the best artificial intelligence products.

Organizations that utilize the solutions provided by this company enjoy high quality productivity. In addition, because they provide artificial intelligence solutions that are capable of learning while working, human workers can concentrate on other important areas. This enables new exploration and unlocks other possibilities while maintaining high-quality customer experience. Its dependable solutions have enabled it to transform numerous businesses. People who want to kick-start their businesses or expand into new horizons should consider seeking chatbot assistance from this company.

3. Mitsuku

This is a chatterbot that can continuously talk for long without taking a break. In addition, when talking to it, you don’t get bored. It is able to reply to questions posed to it in a human way. Moreover, it has special ways of understanding the mood of the user based on the language they are using. Because it is a high-quality bot, it is in a position to chat about almost anything. This is some good news for businesses. If a business wants a chatbot that can work like Mitsuku, it is wise for them to hire an expert that has experience in doing the same. Take centurysoft, which is a well-known chatbots solutions provider. It has experience in providing sensible and smart artificial intelligence solutions and this has enabled it to top the list of the best service providers. The experts are committed to providing brands with exceptional solutions and services.

4. Insommo bot

This is a bot specially designed for people who don’t sleep easily. It provides such people with the much-needed company when no one is around. Its ability to provide amazing replies ensures that users don’t get bored. Most importantly, it is capable of talking about anything the user might think of. It will become the perfect choice of friend when your friends are asleep or busy.


Chatbots have become important tools and humans can’t stop talking about them. They are designed to help you from being bored by keeping you busy in engaging conversations. They are also excellent tools in business and will engage your customers effectively.

Author: Nick Gordon

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