The Future of Enterprise IT with Artificial Intelligence

by Nick Gordon
Future of Enterprise IT with Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence is going to be taking on a big role in the Enterprise IT world which will certainly benefit from it.

It doesn’t take long when there is something innovative and awesome to get around the business world, and this is what is taking place with the Artificial Intelligence that is becoming the buzz word in technology. Not only is industry beginning to shift their attention to it, the public in general is beginning to show an interest. How it is going to fit in with Enterprise IT is going to be most interesting. Enterprise IT is applicable to large organizations and the hardware and software that is constantly being designed to meet their needs.

The doors are opening for how Enterprise IT can begin to infiltrate A.I. into their organizations.

Data Centers

Robots are already taking on a role in some distribution centers and there is space for them to become involved on the same level in large data centers. Robots have the sophistication to be able to handle many of the maintenance tasks like those that have to deal with environmental issues. Instead of having to use live help for the quality control of temperature and humidity in locations such as this, it can be done by robots.

Software Warnings

Work is already being done in other industries such as the medical fields where algorithms are being developed to help with the diagnosis of various diseases. It is believed that using the same premise that A.I. will be implemented into developing algorithms that can act as a warning system for the log files that exist in IT infrastructures. This warning system would be able to raise red flags that a crash of the system in eminent allowing immediate steps to be taken before the event occurs. This would be so advanced that the human user of the system would not be able to detect the subtle signs that the artificial intelligence is capable of.

Hacker Fighting

Hacker Fighting

One of the biggest threats to IT is the damage that hackers are able to create. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and the breaches more serious. Look at the big hit Target got with the theft of their confidential data in 2015. Then there was the server breach regarding the US Office of Personnel Management. Added to the list is the infiltration of the Democratic National Committee. There is no need to prove that hackers exist and while their targets seem to be huge entities as they progress they will branch out to lower level entities.

In time Artificial Intelligence may be one of the biggest defences to exist against cyber attacks. Work in this area has already begun and as it progresses the excitement and validity of it continues to grow. A.I. has the ability to learn all the workings of infrastructure and absorb massive amounts of information.

Recently there was a contest held by DARPA, which was the company that assisted in creating the internet. The contest was comprised of 7 Artificial Intelligence bots that were fully automated. These bots were able to detect weaknesses that were appearing in large amounts of code. The contest included having the winning bot compete against the most impressive hackers worldwide and the bot was able to beat the human team hackers on some points.

Programming Enhancements

Programming Enhancements

There is every reason to think that A.I. will have the ability to be a powerful resource for programmers who have the education but lack the experience. All one has to do is look at the capabilities of Siri and that explains why this possibility exists.

Internet Comprehension

The internet is all about the collection of data and in mass amounts. Artificial intelligence has the ability to absorb, retain and organize this kind of data so it can be clearly seen how AI will fit in with IT Enterprises.

AI on the Business Level

While AI may be in the infancy stage for IT Enterprises many businesses are now able to capitalize on artificial intelligence to scale up their business in ways that they never thought possible. A good example is the services that are being offered through Centurysoft. This company focuses on AI and Business intelligences. The foundation of its programs is SILVIA which is the program that allows Centurysoft to build the AI programs that can integrated into businesses at many different levels. What makes what Centurysoft has to offer is that the services are unique to their clients and not generic in nature.

Author: Nick Gordon

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