How to Tell if your Bot is Smart Enough?

by Nick Gordon
Smart Bot
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Currently bots are almost everywhere, hence making them available to help in almost all areas of your lives. They can as well tell you what to prepare for supper. The odd thing about it is the whole bot conversation that focuses on Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Machine Learning.

NPL, AI and ML are now the main buzzwords, which are additional interaction techniques that are high tech compared to the real bot technology. They can be utilized for the benefit of bot with the purpose of simplifying access. Actually, the structure of the bot is what makes it interesting and complex.

WSC Sports uses bots innovatively for customer service. Their platform assists firms perfect their insight base by simply explaining on the missed opportunities and misstep queries to improve their FAQ. Their technology learns while working and continuously provides responses that are of high quality regardless of the language clients speak. Centurysoft will give you a comprehensive understanding on the bot world.

Another timely example would be the chatbots created for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which are able to respond to the policy questions the users ask basing on the previous statements made by the candidates. There is no doubt on chatbots becoming the next big thing while you gradually move from relying too much on apps. Actually, chatbots have a great chance of making an impact in the work place currently, by simplifying the long and tedious processes. With an already programmed bot, you can save on effort and time. You can figure out the time and resources you will save if you considered the use of chatbots in your company. Actually, if a firm opts to adopt this kind of technology, chances are they will reduce their expense especially that which goes to customer service staff.

For the bot business, there exist two distinct parts i.e. the layer that incorporates NLP or machine learning (ways of interacting or accessing bots easily) and the actual bot programming. Firm’s working on interaction layer, currently rank high. Apple has Siri and API, while Google has a cloud for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Such firms have massive information and data to assist their platform improve and also learn at a faster rate.

Bot Business

The most intriguing part is getting to understand where you will make use of bots in your daily life. Designing bots for the purpose of only viewing customer data is limiting, especially for long-term purposes. It is more or less identical to business dashboard on handsets, whereby users only get information instead of performing actions. Useful bots ensure completion of the entire processes and actions easily and faster. This will help in the expansion of the ecosystem.

Currently, bots are on the rise and have a brighter future similarly to where applications were ten years ago. They have certainly grabbed the interest of both customers and developers. Also, large firms are on the race to leading and becoming brokers of bots, which is exactly similar to what Google and Apple, did with applications.

Centurysoft will give you an idea of how bots are being utilized by firms in order to boost your level of customer experience.


Currently, chatbots are on the rise; there is no doubt on the growth possibilities it has. For an advanced and up-to-date service you will need a company that is well informed and conversant with the ever-changing trends with artificial intelligent chatbots.

Author: Nick Gordon

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