LinkedIn Declare Messaging Will be the Next Platform for Networking

by Nick Gordon
Messaging Will be the Next Platform for Networking
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Messaging has been the foundation of many communication systems all over the world in the past, present and seems it is the future. Different technological platforms including social media, all with different objectives and goals have utilized this interface to achieve their objectives. LinkedIn uses the platform to generate and create professional relationships through careers, facilitates growth and other educational factors. The social media platform is aimed at generating an economic opportunity for all including people in the workforce at a global scale.


Centurysoft refers to conversations as the foundation for connections with recruiters and employees through LinkedIn. Messages are said to be faster and much more effective in creating new connections and giving reasons to network. LinkedIn has a large number of contacts but before the development of the meeting between the Mumbo tool and the artificial intelligence for a refresh, they lacked conversations. The development of simple but efficient communication / messaging apps, the platform can be used to provide solutions to complicated office questions, entertainment and other messaging elements e.g. stickers. It has become the center, which holds and supports teams, college or high school alumni and potential partners together.

  • Customer Differentiation and Objectivity
    In comparison with other social media platforms, LinkedIn customer base comprises of professionals. It promotes professional relationships through engagements through messages. In addition, it has acquired the ability to link one member ton another. This is particularly possible as its platform isn’t full of marketing messages.Customers or users such as individuals or companies know and understand what it is they want. As professionals when reaching out, they know the objective they want to fulfill and are looking for a potential opportunity, specific backgrounds; educational, experience etc, and /or potential advice. It the aim of the LinkedIn platform to use the conversations purposes to provide insight into the people’s needs and networking requirements.

Future of Messaging

Future of Messaging

Based on its target users, the main use of LinkedIn is reconnection potentiality and advice seeking. The future is edged on assisting the users to generate meaningful, smart6er and conversations that are productive in nature. With the current technological advancement i.e. artificial intelligence and the possibility of growth being witnessed, there is hope of success. To achieve this goal, messaging has become an essential part of every department in the LinkedIn ecosystem and operational guidelines. It has become the center of the apps that have been launched by LinkedIn. Its aim is to make it easy to message and communicate with the minimal content even with third parties. This will make it possible to create conversations and new networking capabilities. It will ensure that once you are connected, you remain connected and a professional relationship can be developed based on your credentials.



LinkedIn has grown and is promising new intelligent conversational interfaces in the near future. These will be artificially intelligent; professional intelligent assistants whose main aim is to assist you with all your needs. This is set to take messaging a notch higher. To enable this possibility, bots that are artificially intelligent interfaces and virtual agents will be developed and used. These have quite a high range of responsibilities including time scheduling. Furthermore, it will issue possible contextual factors that illuminate particular information of those people that will be met in the meeting.

Bots are interactive conversational agents that can create a rapport between themselves and the user. LinkedIn is definitely set to use the chatbots in the near future, in creating new professional networking opportunities. With the resources at their disposal, under the new Microsoft management, other interesting and inspiring factors are to be generated. Before venturing into bot system fully, LinkedIn is testing and determining the suitability of internal bots in making user experience right and more satisfying. This is before they expand to other operations in relation to the social medial platform.


Drawing a base on which people can create conversations and develop them to their own needs and desires, in the search of a professional, opportunity is what LinkedIn is trying to do. Through the collaboration of different stakeholders including artificial intelligence, will see to the success of this venture by LinkedIn.

Author: Nick Gordon

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